When it comes to bruised toenail problems, many people take these issues rather easily and just let the injury heal itself. Although it is not a serious medical condition, a bruised toenail can be very painful and the self-healing process can take few weeks. Usually, when a person suffers from a bruised toenail problem, the injured toenail takes a dark-blue color, which can occupy the entire nail or just a spot on the nail surface. This is the result of the blood and other fluid’s accumulation under the injured nail. Often, the bruised toenail is painful and left untreated can last for some time.


There are few factors that cause a bruised toenail and the most common one is trauma. If someone does a lot of sport that includes running and hitting an object with the foot, such as football, it can result in trauma of one of the toenails. This means that the toenail it will turn dark blue and it can be sensitive on touching. Another factor that can result in a bruised toenail is the injury of the toenail. If a hard object hits a toenail it can result in a major injury, which will affect the toenail surface.  A swollen or bruised heel can also cause the toes to become affected as well. In some cases the entire surface of the toenail turns black and it will be replaced by another toenail; this process can take some time and without medical treatment it can become a long and painful process.


Still, there are other factors that can cause a bruised toenail and even though this happens rarely because of them, they should be taken into consideration. Wearing smaller footwear can cause this issue as well. Moreover, if someone does not take care of their toenails and do not cut them on time it can result in an injury of the toenail as well. However, it is not complicated to treat a bruised toenail and specialized medical care depends mostly on the gravity of the issue. If the problem is caused by an injury of course the person will be in immense pain. Therefore, proper medical care is required; doctor will make a small hole into the bruised toenail to release the pressure. In this case, the toenail will be removed and another one will grow in a few weeks. If the toenail cannot be removed, but the pain is unbearable, patient can take some painkillers until next visit of doctor. However, such injuries can be prevented if the toenails are trimmed in time and proper footwear is worn.



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