If you are someone who has suffered from a bruised toenail, then you already know that it can be painful and annoying at the same time. Of course, this is not a serious medical condition and it is actually a self-healing issue. However, the process of self-healing can take some time meanwhile you will be in pain and you will always have to take care of the bruised toenail until is fully treated. A bruised toenail is usually caused by a trauma caused to the toes, which will result in a dark toenail also known as subungual hematoma. Depending on the gravity of the bruise, the affected toenail can be treated at home or by a specialist. However, if you choose to treat your injured toenail at home, you should know some tips in order to make everything by the book.

If you get a bruised toenail and you don’t have go to a hospital for medical care, you can always treat it yourself. If you have a first aid kit, you can wrap the affected toenail in a sterile bandage for about one hour. While you have your toenail wrapped in a bandage, you will have to keep your injured foot up in order to stop the bleeding and of course, the accumulation of the blood under the toenail which will cause it to turn dark and make everything worst.

After one hour, you can remove the bandage in order to evaluate the situation. If the toenail’s color is dark, but it is fixed, you should not try to remove it as you will increase the pain. However, you can try to remove any other debris around the injured toenail and you should do this by soaking your foot into warm water.

Moreover, if the injury seems tough, your primarily concern should be the bacterial infection. Because of the soft tissue, it is susceptible to infections and this is why an antibiotics treatment is mandatory. This will also help the healing process and the new toenail to grow faster. However, you should follow a treatment for infection until the new toenail is fully grown, as an infection can cause other complications that will require medical care and it will increase the healing period. Even though it is a long period for toenails to grow back, usually ten months the person who suffers from it should be careful and try to follow the treatment with precaution.

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