Athletic injuries are very common, especially related to bruised toenails.  Several competitive sports require athletes to run for long periods of time, sometimes on uneven and often dangerous terrain.  Arena sports are no different, as physical contact can often bring bumps and bruises of all kinds.  A bruised toenail can hinder your ability to walk or run at your normal pace, depending on the severity of the injury. Although injuries are common among running events or mud run events, it is a very treatable condition which will let you get back to your daily exercise within a few days.

Bruised Toenail Sports Injury

It is recommended that you stay off your foot with the bruised toenail for at least a few days or until the swelling goes down.  This doesn’t mean you have to be confined to a chair for days at a time, just take it easy when walking around and performing the simplest of tasks.  Even something as simple as driving a car can be painful with a bruised toenail.  It can damage the nail even further if you decide to play sports while your toe is still injured.  Even the simplest motion such as removing your athletic shoe can cause trauma to your already bruised toenail.

In extreme cases, with large amounts of swelling, or blood under the toenail that is causing pressure, we recommend visiting your family doctor or athletic therapist.  They will be able to further diagnose your bruised toenail and offer after care advice and treatment.