September 2011

A bruised toenail can easily get infected. Because of the lack of proper hygiene dust and dirt can get into the small cracks of a bruised toenail and cause an infection. The infection can lead to incredible pain and a lot of problems for the patient.

Infected bruised toenail

If you go an avulsion you must be really careful. An avulsion happens when a part of the toenail is lifted from the nail bed. The nail bed will be covered in blood and the pain will begin to appear.

The treatment for an infected toenail has a few steps. You will solve your problem if you follow the steps described below.

  • After you have spotted the problem remove all kinds of items on your foot (like piercings).
  • If you are bleeding you can stop the flow of blood by applying a clean bandage over the wounds and by applying pressure.
  • The next step is to keep your foot off the floor. Bring it to the level of your heart to help throbbing.
  • You can use Ibuprofen to release pain, if you are uncomfortable. Be careful, if you are allergic to Ibuprofen; do not use it under these circumstances.
  • Now, that you have stooped the blood flow, you can apply an antibiotic powder and a clean bandage.

If you don’t notice any improvement the next day, you should call the emergency service. Also, if you have a lot of pain you should call the service right away.

There are some small tips that can help you. If your nail is not secured to the nail bed, you should not try and remove it. It is better to leave it as it is and let the body decide when to dispose her. Another important thing is to check if you have had any tetanus shots recently. It is better to go to the hospital if you haven’t got any sort of immunization.

Take care and go to the hospital if you have a laceration wound that has penetrated your foot deeply. You may need a surgery to repair your foot for such a wound and also the risk of an infected toenail is high.

Clearly, it is not easy to deal with any sort of infections, but you can try our step by step guide to treat an infected toenail. Be careful and protect your toes from hits and bruises!

When it comes to bruised toenail problems, many people take these issues rather easily and just let the injury heal itself. Although it is not a serious medical condition, a bruised toenail can be very painful and the self-healing process can take few weeks. Usually, when a person suffers from a bruised toenail problem, the injured toenail takes a dark-blue color, which can occupy the entire nail or just a spot on the nail surface. This is the result of the blood and other fluid’s accumulation under the injured nail. Often, the bruised toenail is painful and left untreated can last for some time.


There are few factors that cause a bruised toenail and the most common one is trauma. If someone does a lot of sport that includes running and hitting an object with the foot, such as football, it can result in trauma of one of the toenails. This means that the toenail it will turn dark blue and it can be sensitive on touching. Another factor that can result in a bruised toenail is the injury of the toenail. If a hard object hits a toenail it can result in a major injury, which will affect the toenail surface.  A swollen or bruised heel can also cause the toes to become affected as well. In some cases the entire surface of the toenail turns black and it will be replaced by another toenail; this process can take some time and without medical treatment it can become a long and painful process.


Still, there are other factors that can cause a bruised toenail and even though this happens rarely because of them, they should be taken into consideration. Wearing smaller footwear can cause this issue as well. Moreover, if someone does not take care of their toenails and do not cut them on time it can result in an injury of the toenail as well. However, it is not complicated to treat a bruised toenail and specialized medical care depends mostly on the gravity of the issue. If the problem is caused by an injury of course the person will be in immense pain. Therefore, proper medical care is required; doctor will make a small hole into the bruised toenail to release the pressure. In this case, the toenail will be removed and another one will grow in a few weeks. If the toenail cannot be removed, but the pain is unbearable, patient can take some painkillers until next visit of doctor. However, such injuries can be prevented if the toenails are trimmed in time and proper footwear is worn.



If you are someone who has suffered from a bruised toenail, then you already know that it can be painful and annoying at the same time. Of course, this is not a serious medical condition and it is actually a self-healing issue. However, the process of self-healing can take some time meanwhile you will be in pain and you will always have to take care of the bruised toenail until is fully treated. A bruised toenail is usually caused by a trauma caused to the toes, which will result in a dark toenail also known as subungual hematoma. Depending on the gravity of the bruise, the affected toenail can be treated at home or by a specialist. However, if you choose to treat your injured toenail at home, you should know some tips in order to make everything by the book.

If you get a bruised toenail and you don’t have go to a hospital for medical care, you can always treat it yourself. If you have a first aid kit, you can wrap the affected toenail in a sterile bandage for about one hour. While you have your toenail wrapped in a bandage, you will have to keep your injured foot up in order to stop the bleeding and of course, the accumulation of the blood under the toenail which will cause it to turn dark and make everything worst.

After one hour, you can remove the bandage in order to evaluate the situation. If the toenail’s color is dark, but it is fixed, you should not try to remove it as you will increase the pain. However, you can try to remove any other debris around the injured toenail and you should do this by soaking your foot into warm water.

Moreover, if the injury seems tough, your primarily concern should be the bacterial infection. Because of the soft tissue, it is susceptible to infections and this is why an antibiotics treatment is mandatory. This will also help the healing process and the new toenail to grow faster. However, you should follow a treatment for infection until the new toenail is fully grown, as an infection can cause other complications that will require medical care and it will increase the healing period. Even though it is a long period for toenails to grow back, usually ten months the person who suffers from it should be careful and try to follow the treatment with precaution.

People can get all kinds of bruised during their lives. A bruised toenail is a type of wound that can occur because of a trauma. Toenail bruises can be caused by repeated shocks and hits, by footwear that causes a lot of pressure on the toes or by poor hygiene of the nails.

This type of condition is not very serious but it can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. When you get a bruised toenail the skin under the nail will become dark. That happens from the coagulation of the blood under the nail. The pressure caused by the fluids that are gathered under the toenail will inflict pain.

Many people develop some swelling around the bruised toenail and in some cases the area can get infected. If you don’t get any pain from a black toenail there is no need for any treatment. If you allow it some time the bruised toenail will heal on its own.

In more serious cases the nail has the tendency to fall from the toe. You should apply a bandage to stop it from falling completely. The last stage of the condition is the point when the nail turns completely black. The nail will fall and in about five weeks a new one will appear. During this time it is best to keep a clean bandage to prevent infection and unwanted pain.

There are some cases where a massive amount of liquid gets trapped under the nail. The liquid trapped under the nail plate is often puss and when it burst it can cause a bad infection. This will inflict a lot of pain to the person with the bruised toenail. In this case it is better to go to a doctor. He will examine your toe and will take the best measures possible to save your toe.

If you want to stay clear from the pain inflicted by a bruised toenail it is better to wear footwear that has a metal cap. This type of boots is recommended to people that work with heavy loads that may be dropped on the toes. Also, if you like to jog make sure you wear only comfortable shoes that fit your feet. Don’t try to wear shoes that are smaller.

Another important thing is to clean your toenails often and to cut them regularly. If you fail to do this the nails can grow into your flesh can cause a lot of pain.